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Bone marrow donors

Each donor increases the probability of a leukemia patient finding a genetic twin.

The Federal Republic of Germany now has the second largest blood stem cell and bone marrow donor register worldwide and currently has access to over 10 million donors. These donors are maintained in around 30 different files from all regions of Germany. A significant proportion of the previously recorded 2.8 million blood stem cell donors in Germany are recorded in the files of the GRC Blood Donation Services.
Our bone marrow donor file began with the recruitment and registration of blood stem cell donors in 1991 in the region presently overseen by the GRC Blood Donation Service North-East. However, 3 years passed before 3 blood stem cell donations were taken for German and foreign patients.

There are currently about 32,000 blood stem cell donors in our files and registered in the “Central Bone Marrow Donor Registry for Germany" (ZKRD). Each of these donors is thus available for patients in need of transplantation worldwide.
Despite the fascinatingly high nuber of donors around the world, there are still patients waiting in vain for a suitable donor. Therefore a continuous expansion of all the files is essential.