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German Red Cross
Blood Donor Service North-East

German Red Cross Blood Donor Service North-East

The GRC Blood Donor Service North-East non-profit Ltd emerged as a result of the merger of the DRC-Blood Donor Services Berlin – Brandenburg, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. It is a subsidiary of the GRC-Blood Donation Service Baden-Württemberg - Hessen and thus part of the largest association of GRC-Blood Donor Services in Germany.

The safety and welfare of blood donors has the highest priority for us. Blood products are manufactured according to the most up-to-date scientific and technological knowledge, whilst meeting the highest safety and quality requirements, so that patients can be optimally supplied. Besides our commitment to our clinics to supply them with traditional blood products and laboratory services, we are engaged in the areas of bone marrow donor mediation and autologous stem cell therapy.

The unification of the two viable Blood Donor Services means that the increased demands on quality, supply and product in the future can be matched. The internal management and operations will be bundled, thereby creating optimal organizational and cost structures.

As a non-profit company, we work according to economic criteria for the common good. Our blood products and services cost no more than is vital for the operation, maintenance and further development of our institution.

In order to supply the hospitals and many established physicians in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony, the German Red Cross Blood Donor Service North-East carries out more than 6,500 blood donation campaigns in our catchment area every year. That equates to about 340,000 blood donations collected. Up to 34 collection teams are deployed daily in our area to receive the donated blood needed for patient care.

This means that the work of the GRC-Blood Donor Service is publicly recognized. For the greatest success of the citizens' Initiative “blood donations at the GRC” a broad alliance of participants is required.

Starting with the unpaid blood donors, the tireless efforts of many volunteer helpers, to municipalities, cities, counties, authorities, companies and other public facilities that provide rooms and the media which covers our work positively; all centred on the patient.

To all of these committed people, without whom our work and that of the established clinics and doctors would not be possible, we would like to express at this point our respect and gratitude.