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German Red Cross
Blood Donor Service North-East

Medical services

The main focus for the GRC Blood Donation Service North-East:
Ensuring a smooth and appropriate blood supply in our service area along with the provision of blood products in case of disaster

  • Production of high quality blood products
  • Supply hospitals with blood products 24 hours a day
  • Outpatient treatment of patients with transfusion medicine and haematopoiesis medicine requirements
  • Typing of potential bone marrow and blood stem cell donors for the bone marrow and regional stem cell donor file of our Blood Donor Service
  • Serological sample compatibility in the HLA system as well as serologic testing in the HLA or HPA system for optimal donor selection for sensitised patients
  • The Institutes of Berlin, Chemnitz, Cottbus, Dresden, Lütjensee, Plauen, Schleswig and the departments in Görlitz and Zwickau operate around the clock service laboratories. This is where blood group serological problem cases from hospitals are dealt with.
  • The above institutions also maintain an around-the-clock medical call service. Our doctors are available to all hospitals to give advice on transfusion medicine issues.